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Patrick Gibson part two

Back for Part Two....see the previous post for a genuine disclaimer to not being able to present a "definitive" collection...just bits and pieces, bits and pieces.

A few more now from Patrick's solo cassettes, and notably an ocassionally recurring theme of "imaginary religious songs", done in jest, which seems to have started on the Too Seperate split release with ACRA and the song "Church Of England TV". I always thought there was some tie-in with a joke centering around the Systematics guitarist Michael Filewood potentially being related to a "television Christian" on Sydney TV at the time called Trevor Filewood ( who was fond of some unruly facial hair from memory ). Whether this is/was true I never really knew but it was always a good story nonetheless. Patrick Gibson continued this faux religious theme through to the next solo cassette "Two Seperate" with "Put Your Trust in God" ( and later an unreleased track I have but ran out of time to play called 'Holy Trinity" ).

Like the last mix I went "live" again to stop myself dithering and umming and erring about what to play...nothing like being put on the spot to help make a vintage procastrinator like myself make up their mind in a hurry. And hurry is kind of what happened during "Game Of Living" as it's from cassette and about 2/3 of the way through the audio quality started changing noticably and I thought my machine was chewing the tape....had to bail in a hurry to save my precious cassette !! Sorry there is about another 2 minutes of that one. On that song it seems it's one of the very last recorded as The Systematics, released only on the Stall cassette and is kind of a close relative of early Ya Ya Choral anyway.

There's a few other demos supposedly made "after school in Balgowlah in 1979", including a thing about John Robinson from Lost In Space, something I would always feature if I could !! And supposedly an early version of "Mmmm" from Rural, being called "Mmmmm" and possibly even a totally different song. But thought I'd start and finish with the 2 "versions" in palandromic fashion, possibly in weird semi-homage to "Uncle Tom", but he's another whole story in his own right which we won't go into here.

A couple of Scattered Order demos, supposedly recorded early on around the Bent Up/Screaming Tree era. And on Scattered Order it's very wrong, totally wrong of me of not to include something from their Prat Culture album but I have been looking for it all over my house and f**ked if I can find it unfortunately. Thankfully the Eeeleemon Machine included a track from it "Swiss Like Knives and Forks" in one of his mixes the other day, no doubt from the Can't Stop It 2 comp.

Also here today a few more side projects of Patrick Gibson's - "A Volatile t-Shirt" which I understand was him and Mr Tee, as was the 'Pleasant Peasants", and both projects more chances to goof around whilst experimenting in the studio...sounds like a good plan to me.

And finally Famous, a later project, the most obviously "pop" thing Patrick ever did but still sounds great. Again there is great reading
on the No Night Sweats site, I know I keep saying that but if you don't know the site - DO. There is also a site run by Michael Tee called "MSquared", again worth visiting if you don't already know about it.

monamour06 - Patrick Gibson part 2

0.00 - 1.53 - Mmmm - Systematics from "Rural" 12" ep
1.53 - 5.28 - Church Of England TV - Patrick Gibson from "Too Seperate" cassette
5.28 - 7.26 - International Voltage - Systematics from "My Life In The Field Of Cows" 7" ep
7.26 - 11.06 - Gallon - Patrick Gibson from "Two Seperate" cassette
11.06 - 14.04 - Motionless - Scattered Order unreleased
14.04 - 18.29 - Game Of Living - Systematics from "Stall" Systematics cassette
18.29 - 21.13 - Gee Lately - Ya Ya Choral from "What's A Quaver" 12" ep
21.13 - 24.43 - My Best Friend - Patrick Gibson from "Too Seperate" cassette
24.43 - 26.23 - Iranian Rockabilly - Pleasant Peasants from "More Songs That Will Never Be Released" cassette
26.23 - 29.23 - The Isrealites - Systematics from "More Songs That Will Never Be Released" cassette
29.23 - 31.20 - 245T - Systematics from "Rural" 12" ep
31.20 - 33.29 - Modra Inara - Patrick Gibson from "Two Seperate" cassette
33.29 - 38.26 - John Robinson - Systematics demo 1979
38.26 - 40.15 - Violent - Scattered Order unreleased
40.15 - 42.42 - I'm Not Whole - Scattered Order from "A Selection" M Squared compilation
42.42 - 44.36 - Suicide Beach - Systematics unreleased demo
44.36 - 48.44 - Making Babies In Heaven - A Volatile T-Shirt from "More Songs That Will Never Be Released"
48.44 - 49.20 - Intro by Peter Doyle - 2JJ 29/04/1980 off air recording
49.20 - 51.16 - Bride of Surface - Systematics demo, recorded off air 2JJ 29/04/1980
51.16 - 52.52 - Fat Cows Go Down An Eatern Beach - Systematics from "My Life In The Field Of Cows"
52.52 - 56.07 - Weetbix in The Beatbox - Famous unreleased
56.07 - 59.07 - Put Your Trust In God - Patrick Gibson from "Two Seperate" cassette
59.07 - 61.37 - Mmmmm - Systematics demo version 1979

link for monamour06 mp3

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